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February 18-20, 2022 — Westin Boston Seaport District

B55 Mini Interviews with Jon Hunt, Juliana Spink Mills, Christopher Irvin &Kenneth Schneyer

Jon Hunt I illustrate all kinds of games, role playing manuals, book covers, magazines, album covers, and t-shirts. I also do storyboards, concept art and visual development. I have illustrated eleven picturebooks for children and have written four of them. I am a founding contributor for Art Hive Magazine where I write and illustrate the […]

Going Mobile and Staying Connected at Boskone

With over 350 program items and nearly 200 program participants, there are a lot of things to keep track of at Boskone this year. But we have an app for that! (Actually, we have your choice of two apps for that!) With your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can use the Grenadine Event Planner […]

B55 Mini Interviews with Frank Wu, Elizabeth Bear, Marshall Ryan Maresca & Trisha Wooldridge

Frank Wu Frank Wu is a transdimensional interspace being, living physically near Boston with his wife, Brianna (who is running for US Congress), but regularly projecting his mind across time and space to commune with dinosaurs, eurypterids, and numinous energy beings. Visualizations and written accounts of these journeys can be found in Analog, Amazing Stories, […]

Sign up for Kaffeeklatsches and/or Tea With Mary

What’s a kaffeeklatsch? It’s a chance to sit in a small group with an author, artist, editor, or publisher for a fun and lively discussion! Come join the discussion and ask them about anything under the sun or beyond the stars. Check out the pocket program or the online schedule to see who will be […]

Buy Your Boskone 55 Membership Before Online Registration Closes

If you still need to purchase your membership, it’s easy! Pre-convention full weekend and  one day membership rates are available online through Saturday, February 10, 2018. To pick up your name badge and convention materials, come to Registration at the top of the escalator in the Harbor Foyer area. On-Site Registration Hours Friday:  1:00 pm – 8:30 […]

B55 Mini Interviews with Kristy Acevedo, Alexander Jablokov, James Patrick Kelly & Michael Sharrow

Happy Friday, Boskone fans! There’s so much to enjoy at Boskone 55, but don’t forget to read up on your favorite Boskone participants. Kristy Acevedo Kristy Acevedo is a YA author, high school English teacher, and huge Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter fan. When she was a child, her “big sister” from the […]

Join the Boskone Book Club, featuring GHOST TALKERS by Mary Robinette Kowal

One of Boskone’s annually featured panels is the Boskone Book Club. This year, we will be gathering on Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 10:00 am. Join us for a lively conversation that brings con-goers together to discuss the historical fantasy Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal (our Guest of Honor). Boskone’s own Bob Kuhn will […]

Bring Your Sweets to the Tiptree Bake Sale

The Tiptree Bake Sale returns to Boskone as part of the Boskone Book Party. If you have some baked goods to donate or just want to sate your sweet tooth, be sure to stop by the Galleria on Saturday evening. 6:30 PM – SATURDAY, February 17 Tiptree Bake Sale @ Boskone Diane Martin Galleria – […]

B55 Mini Interviews with Les Johnson, Jeff Hecht, Andrea Corbin & Walter H. Hunt

Interested in a dash of science for your science fiction? Read on to find out more! Les Johnson Les is a physicist, a science and science fiction author, and a NASA technologist. His science fiction novels include Back to the Moon, Rescue Mode (with Ben Bova), On to the Asteroid and his latest, Mission to […]

Highlighting YA and Children’s Programming at Boskone

Boskone regularly features lots of programming that is specially designed for children as well as young adults … and adults who enjoy young adult fiction (I know I do!). This year, with Tamora Pierce as our Young Adult Fiction Guest and Catherine Asaro as our Hal Clement Science Speaker, we have an especially wonderful selection […]