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February 18-20, 2022 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Art Show

Boskone is known for its long history of supporting excellence in science fiction and fantasy art and offers several opportunities to view and enjoy artwork within the Art Show.

This year’s Art Show opens Friday night with Boskone’s Meet the Guests Opening Ceremony and Reception in the Galleria. Fans and art lovers can tour the show on their own, participant in a guided tour, and purchase original art on display in the show or in our print shop area to take home a bit of Boskone magic.

Events, Demos, and Discussions

Boskone boasts rich art programming full of live demos, discussions, and exhibits. This year we will also include a few art demos as well as an excellent selection of presentations and in-depth panels discussions featuring some of the most important topics, most influential art, and most celebrated artists in the speculative art field.

Throughout the convention attendees will be encouraged to vote for their favorite works of art in the show. Also, a panel of judges will choose pieces they feel are deserving of an award, including Best in Show.  The Convention Chair and Art Show Director will also choose their favorite piece for an award. All awards will be announced on Sunday morning.

Official Artist: Sara Felix

Sara Felix, Official ArtistA message from Sara:

My name is Sara Felix and I am an artist living in Austin, Texas.  I work mainly in clay and resin, with a few shrinky dinks thrown in for fun.   I designed the 2016 Hugo base and co-designed the 2018 Hugo base with Vincent Villafranca.  In 2018 I also designed the 2018 WSFS Young Adult Award.   My art can be seen and purchased at science fiction conventions throughout the states.

In 2018 I curated the Infinite Worlds: The Art of the Fantastic gallery show in Austin.  It featured 36 contemporary science fiction and fantasy artists working in illustration to sculpture.

As a fan I have worked on numerous local conventions as well as a handful of WorldFantasy conventions and WorldCons.   I am the president of ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists, who bestow the Chesleys each year.

Visit Sara’s Official Artist guest page on the Boskone 59 website and view her work online at The Art of Sara Felix.

Artist Displaying in the Art Show

(as of February 16, 2022)

Felix, Sara Official Artist
Beck, Alan
Burns, Jim
D’Alessio, Charlene
Eggleton, Bob
Flasher, Joleen
Ford, Derek thepaleplum@instagram
Giancola, Donato
Harris, John
Hertel, Lisa
LaValley, Liz
Leonards, Amelia
Martelli, Max
Mayer, Sally
McCracken, Patricia
Morton, Erika
Nackid, Thomas
Nydam, Anne
Organ-Kean, Margaret Moonstone Illustrations
Pancake, David Lee
Plumridge-Eggleton, Marianne
Rice, Reiko
Rudeen, Kimball
Sanderson, Ruth
Sheriff, Espana
Smith, Galen Dara
Szychowski, Matt
Trefethen, Jay
Zaccaria, Jim


Art Show & Tours

Boskone features the most impressive speculative art show in New England. This year’s Art Show will showcase original works by our Official Artist as well as dozens of artists from New England and beyond. The show will have 100 panels, plus about a dozen tables for 3-D work. For an up-to-date listing of confirmed artists, please visit Boskone’s Artists/Art Resellers page.

For those interested in taking a piece of original art home, the Art Show hosts a silent auction which runs through throughout the weekend, closing at noon on Sunday. Winning bids and art show sales occur from 1-3 pm on Sunday.

The Fenners at the Art Show Boskone 56
Cathy and Arnie Fenner at Boskone 56 Art Show.

Print Shop

The Art Show also includes a Print Shop, with hundreds of reproductions available for immediate sale, and a resale area where anyone may enter previously-purchased items that they wish to sell.


Artists interested in displaying their work can find more information on our Art Show Information page and our Art Show Rules.