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February 18-20, 2022 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Boskone 2013: Share Your Favorite Moments

After every con, it’s common to debrief with friends and share our favorite moments with each other. So, we thought it might be fun to check in with a few of our panelists to see what their favorite Boskone 2013 moments were! Do you have a favorite moment? Please leave it in the comments for […]

Get your Panel Recaps

 I am an active internet junkie user. During the con, I was following #boskone on Twitter to see how other panels were progressing, hear others’ experiences and tweet out my own thoughts. On Monday,  I started feeling that post-con letdown, so I checked in with the Boskone Facebook group. Messages started trickling in but something else caught […]

Boskone 2013: Theodora Goss Reading her story “Beautiful Boys”

Did you miss Theodora Goss’s reading of her short story “Beautiful Boys” at Boskone? Thanks to Phil Merkel we have a video to share. We hope you enjoy the story. [youtube] Be sure to mark your calendars for Boskone 2014! This video is posted here by permission of Theodora Goss and Phil Merkel.

Boskone 50: Art Show Award Winners

The Boskone Art show is a not-to-be-missed item. Boskone 50’s Art show held up to the its own prestigious standards with more than 100 panels, 2 special exhibits, docent led tours and special art demonstrations. Congratulations to this year’s award winners! Best in Show John Picacio, “Hyperion-Final Figure Drawing” * note that the link is […]

Need Food?

Boskone is sharing the Westin with another event, so Friday’s dinnertime was interesting to say the least. Plan ahead so you can grab a bite before Saturday night’s Skylark Awards. Arisia and Boskone worked together to created this amazing Restaurant Guide and the companion Google Map. Enjoy!

Boskone Day 1 recap

Boskone 50 is now in full swing! A busy Friday night filled with panels, like the popular and packed Singularity: There Can Be Only One with Charles Stross and Vernor Vinge to the ever-popular and delicious Boskone Reception featuring tables and tables of cake. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here […]

Winter is Here and Boskone 50 Starts Tomorrow!

As you may have heard, winter has arrived in Boston in the form of a giant blizzard that decorated New England with several feet of snow. (Remember to bring your boots!) However, the city is cleaned up and Boksone 50 is “game on!”  Panelists, participants, and attendees are beginning to make their way to Boston […]

Plan your panels now

To help your plan of attack for Boskone, the schedule is now available online! Here are some ideas to get you started: The Hidden Joys of Collecting: What’s on your shelf? The latest TARDIS coffee cup? A Captain Kirk action figure? A set of Harry Potter first editions? What is it about collecting that is so […]

NESFA voted for a Code of Conduct for Boskone

Boskone Code of Conduct Be respectful and courteous towards others. We expect you to understand that you need to ask before you touch and that no means no. Harassment of any kind, from intimidation to illegal behavior will not be tolerated. This policy applies to your interactions with everybody. We also expect you to refrain […]

Tweet out

Boskone is less than 2 weeks away! See what people are saying on Twitter: When tweeting about Boskone, use #boskone. You can also follow us at @boskonenews.