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February 18-20, 2022 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Musical Guest

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin

Tim Griffin is a retired STEM teacher from Los Angeles; an award-winning singer, songwriter, and storyteller; and the founding director of Griffin Education (GriffinEd), a nonprofit team of educators and musicians collaborating to raise academic achievement through fun educational music. Think “Schoolhouse Rock” and you’re getting warm. All of GriffinEd’s services (live shows, songwriting workshops for kids & adults, and our online library of teaching songs) are free to schools and other places of learning. Tim roams the world, writing and collecting songs, bringing musical hilarity and edification to schools, science & education conferences, and various venues of inspired geekery. He’s got four albums out with more on the way, but his recordings are all free online at and on the GriffinEd YouTube channel. Come laugh and learn with songs about cell physiology, Newtonian mechanics, mummies, and that weird thing on your lunch tray.

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